How am I going to place my custom writing order?

To place your custom writing order, please go to the order page. We advice that you give as much information as you are able to so that the writer has a clear understanding of your order and what is required.

How do I send or upload files?

After placing your order you can choose the most ideal way to send additional files to the writer. You can do so by logging into your membership page and send the file as well as any messages from there or you can also send the files to customer support through chat.

Are your papers 100% original?

Yes, all the papers written by us are 100% original and are written from scratch in order to ensure that your expectations are met.

Is it possible for the writer to send me a draft?

Yes, at cheapcustomwritingservice.net, we permit you to ask for a draft from the writer. You can simply send the message through the messaging system that is available on the membership page. In addition, you can also contact our friendly customer support team to contact the writer on your behalf and ask him/her to send you a draft.

How is the paper delivered to me?

Once our writers have completed your custom writing paper and it has gone through the quality check, the paper will be emailed to you using the email address specified on the order page.

How can I be sure that my order will be delivered on time?

We always do our best in order to ensure that your order will be delivered on time. In situations where we realize that the order might require a lot of time to complete, we will ask you for an extension.

What happens if the paper submitted needs to be revised?

If you are not happy with the paper submitted, we will be happy to revise it as many times as possible free of charge until you are satisfied with the paper.

What about discounts?

For every order placed, you are entitled to a 15% discount. The discount is calculated automatically when placing the order hence the reason you do not need any discount codes.

I can’t find the service that I am looking for?

Please contact our friendly customer service department that will assist you.

Can I be sure that no one will know I used your services?

Yes, you privacy is ensured and you can assured that Cheapcustomwritingservice.net will not share your details with anyone. Indeed, even our writers do not get to know you since they only know you by your Order ID.

Where are you located?

We have offices in New York, London and Sydney. Nevertheless, it can be noted that we are an international company with staff from various parts of the world and you can thus be rest assured that we have experts to meet your specific needs.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us 24/7 via LIVE chat, email, Skype and phone.